Art is a promotional campaign for life”. You can see and compare with consumerism, capitalism, globalization. Coca Cola makes promotions so that people feel good about buying their product, Nike says just do it !, it’s your life, do it however you want.    Art is also like that, it is a company for life as a concept. That’s why I do not know if I’m a designer or an artist, and I do not want to define it either. The only difference is the sale. Selling Nike (shoes) is, for me, like selling a picture or a photograph. Selling an idea of ​​life compares more with installations, performances or videos. Ideas are not sold, they are constituted, they are manifested. I’m not saying that a picture or a photograph can not extract that great idea, but I still see it as an article, product, object of sale … to consume”.

Ryan Oduber